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All Locked Up + Sealed With A Kiss, Baby!

“I know sometimes it`s lonely while you`re sleeping; well it`s lonely for me too. It`s alright, just know that while I`m sleeping, that I`m dreaming of you. And what we`ve got is something special. And what we are is a perfect match. And three thousand miles can never come between us; we always have the stars to wish upon from where I`m at, and where you are.”

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    Blink 182 I Miss You.
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PTC Sites!

I figure I`d give this a try. You get paid for clicking ads, with no spam! You just click on them, then you stay on the website until the timer runs out click on the number it tells you to, then you can click out of the ad. It`s pretty cool, I `spose. So far I`ve made a little bit of money doing it, but, I also go to a few different sites. Lol. So, if you`d like to sign up, go ahead! It's a little bit of extra money for you! Just need a paypal account! They all have a referral link for me too, so, it will benefit both of us!

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There will be more added as soon as I find them!
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